Possibility Thinking: Change Your Mindset to Create Wealth

This premium signature training program is comprised of 15 modules, and has life-changing potential. This program integrates discoveries from breakthrough cutting-edge research from multiple disciplines including biology, quantum physics, neuroscience, cognitive, developmental and positive psychology, philosophy, anthropology, history, economics and accounting.

The program is designed to contribute to the flourishing and fulfillment of human beings by helping individuals identify and unlock their untapped unlimited capacities, change limiting belief systems, develop habits of thinking in terms of possibilities and abundance, overcome fear, and create the lifestyle they desire and deserve to have. The program is also designed to empower individuals to improve self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem, develop emotional intelligence and resilience, have unshakeable belief in their ideas and big dreams, and take courageous actions in pursuit of the desires they intent to and are committed to achieving. Maximizing personal and professional productivity is an additional value that can be obtained from the program.

This program will be offered initially as a Webinar Series.

Here is what you will learn in Possibility Thinking: Change Your Mindset to Create Wealth:

Module 1: Know Thyself – Becoming Aware of Your Inner Unlimited Power

 In this Introductory Module you will discover:

  • The value of recognizing the significance of “defining moments” in your life.
  • What your inner unlimited power is, and its connection to creating wealth.
  • The importance of self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-image, and identity to your success.
  • Effective methods to develop possibility thinking to be empowered and transformed.
  • A framework to visualize your ideas and desires to unleash your inner latent power, and achieve your greatness.
  • Proven actionable tools and techniques for “knowing thyself” and becoming who you aspire to be.

Module 2: The Power of Thought

 In this Module you will learn:

  • The silent creative power of thought, the science, its processes and importance.
  • The relationship between your habits of thinking, successes, and challenges.
  • How the quality of your thoughts affect your mental and emotional well-being.
  • A simple thought experiment to change patterns of limited thinking, and transform them into habits of infinite possibilities and abundance.
  • Proven, effective strategies and tools to develop the wealthy mindset of successful individuals.
  • How to use the creative power of thought to design and achieve an extraordinary life, while helping others achieve greatness.

Module 3: The Genius of Imagination – Becoming Aware of and Unlocking Your Greatness 

 In this Module you will discover:

  • The infinite power, capacity, and potential of your imagination.
  • The powerful secret relationship between your thoughts and imagination.
  • How to awaken and train your inner genius to visualize your ideas and desires.
  • The connections between your inner world, and circumstances in your life.
  • Why beliefs, feelings, emotions, acceptance, and expectancy of the desired states are important components in the creative process.
  • An effective framework to use the powerful creative faculty of your imagination to unlock the power of possibility, to create and experience the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Module 4: The Subconscious Mind – The Key to Awaken Your Inner Genius

 In this Module you will discover:

  • How to become aware of your subconscious mind, and its functions.
  • Valuable insights into the power of the subconscious mind, and how it affects your life.
  • How to awaken your own inner genius, and harness its infinite intelligence.
  • Proven methods to liberate you from the self-imposed limitations of your subconscious thoughts and memories, and develop a mindset of abundance.
  • Effective actionable tools and techniques to make the unconscious conscious, unleash your inner unlimited potentialities, and achieve your goals and dreams.

Module 5: The Significance of Belief 

In this Module you will learn:

  • How beliefs are formed, the science, and how they shape your experiences.
  • To become aware of the silent magnetic transformative power of belief and its significance to achieving your ideas and desires; once known only to the few.
  • A mental model to identify and change limiting beliefs and improve self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Science-based approach to develop positive habits of thinking, and beliefs of possibilities and abundance.
  • Proven, effective framework to develop a mindset of unshakeable faith in your abilities to transform your ideas, and burning desires into physical realities.
  • The biology of belief and its impact on your mental and emotional health, and well-being.

Module 6: Emotions and Feelings – The Secret Links to Transforming Possibilities into Realities

In this Module you will discover:

  • The science, and causes of your emotions and feelings.
  • The powerful secret connections between your emotions, feelings and images of your ideas, and desires; once known only to the few.
  • How your emotions and feelings influence who you are, and impact the desired states you intent to achieve.
  • Science-based approach to observe your emotions, recognize what those emotions are telling you, and how to respond to transform your dreams and goals into physical realities.
  • An effective framework to train your emotions and feelings to respond with acceptance, and generosity to your unconscious negative self-talk.
  • Proven, actionable strategies and tools to harmonize positive emotions, and feelings with clearly defined mental images of your ideas and burning desires to succeed and flourish.

Module 7: Goal Setting and Mastering Attainment of Your Ideas and Desires

 In this Module you will discover:

  • The belief system and habits of thinking you must have to achieve your desires.
  • Proven framework to set and attain clearly defined goals in key areas of your life.
  • How to align your values with the mental images of your ideas and goals.
  • The value of thinking big, and how to experience your goals in the present moment.
  • The two most important skills you must master to attain your goals and desires.
  • An effective system of achievement to help you build self-esteem, self-confidence, and respond to challenges with courage to realize your goals.

Module 8: Self-suggestion – The Key to Influence Your Inner Unlimited Power 

In this Module you will discover:

  • The principle of self-suggestion, and how it influences your subconscious mind.
  • How to identify the powerful connections between self-suggestion, imagination, emotion, feeling and belief.
  • The importance of attaining mastery of self-suggestion to influence your inner latent power.
  • Powerful, proven methods to develop focus, create thought habits and beliefs consistent with your efforts to transform desires you intent to achieve into reality.
  • Effective, proven tools and techniques to harness the power of self-suggestion to influence your subconscious mind and achieve your end results.